The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

More Activision for GTW, and this time a graphic adventure game called "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress", based on the Science-Fiction novel from Robert A. Heinlein ( ).

All we know is that Charles H Weidman is linked to the game through doing the graphics, though its listed on the Eager webpage as being for the PC version ( /PROG/W/WEIDMAN.html ). So was he involved on the C64 version? Would his graphics have just been ported, or would it have been a text only game?

John Burns who maintains Eager mentioned to GTW64 that there was no mention of any version other than the PC version. Charles apparently only said that the PC version was ever started, which was mentioned on his old website that sadly no longer exists. So was anything ever started?

It’s possible that the reason the game was never released was that Activision at somepoint closed their Infocom section, but wasn’t this in 1989/90? Otherwise its unknown just why this game was cancelled, and we could probably speculate all day :-)

More soon on this one…

Contributions: Cybergoth, John Burns

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