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Rather strange named game, short for Super Powered Urban Device, our next entry is a rather strange SEU where you control a helicopter seemingly in space. It’s very similiar in some ways to the bizzare Airwolf 2 game (Which was a sort of Nemesis clone).

The game is in fairly early stages, and the helicopter can be moved into the score panel etc, so its not that playable.

What is quite interesting about this title is that it seems to have been being written for Firebird software in 1987, and would possibly have had music by Rob Hubbard according to the credits. However it never made it out on the label and nothing more of the game surfaced. Richard Hewison and The Bird Sanctuary know of the game, but do not recall anything about it.

It’s possible that it was hoped that it would get a Firebird release, but was rejected. The game then possibly got sneaked out by the author passing on what was left of the game. The Rob Hubbard link may have been a hopeful thing had the game got signed up by Firebird.

The game’s author went on to produce other games, including a few for The Power House and also Out of this world for Arolasoft. This may have been his first attempt to break into the industry which didn’t quite happen.
Hopefully we’ll track down Darren in the future and find out more about this game.

Do you know anything more about it?…

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