Vietnam Gunboat

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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Vietnam Gunboat was a title listed in the Screen Test Budgets section of ACE magazine (Issue 20, May 1989 – Page 66) as coming soon.

The game however never surfaced and doesn’t seem to have come out on any other platforms, even though Spectrum was listed as one of the platforms to expect a release.

We know nothing about the game either, and there were no games that Players released that featured the subject of Vietnam or Gunboats.

However, Martin/Stadium64 got in touch recently and informed us that there was an article briefly on the game in Swedish Datormagazinet Issue #4/1989. (Released in March). The group Groovy Bits were working on the game after Players presented them with the game idea.

Originally, Groovy Bits had got in touch with Players and submitted them a game called Squad One, which was too similiar to other games and didn’t want it. They instead presented them with the Vietnam Gunboat game idea and got them working on the title. At the stage of the interview in the magazine, they had completed the game’s intro sequence.

Sadly no more was ever heard about the title, and it disappeared for good. Thanks to Martin, we can at least now add the credits for the game in some shape or form and we hope soon that this may lead to finding something of the game and find out what happened.

Contributions: Martin of Stadium 64

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  1. Hi again.
    I did find some notes I have about the mentioned article.
    The article are from Datormagazinet Issue #4/1989. (Released in March)

    Groovy Bits; Fredrik Ekholm, Mikael Olsson, Johan Bernkert, Patrik Wallström
    Budget Game: Vietnam Gunboat, Players presented them with the game idea.
    Opening demo is finished.

    They first sent over a game called ‘Squad One’ to Players, but it was to similar to other games and they didn’t want to release it. It was a bad copy of Delta. Then Players presented them with the game idea of Vietnam Gunboat. The opening sequence was finished when the interview took place.

    • Brilliant work, thanks very much Martin! … updating the entry now, but also adding an entry for Squad One, which is missing! Though i’ve found Danko’s tune for that :)

  2. Hello there.
    If I remember correctly, it was an article in the Swedish Datormagazinet about this game.
    It was the group Groovy Bits behind the game and Danko would compose the music for it.
    It was a pretty big article and I think their names were also included in the article. Unfortunately I have not left the magazine but I think it was from sometime in 1989.
    The four or five? boys visited the newspaper office for the interview and photography. A picture was included in the article.
    It was also a description of the game and I think that the game company wanted to make some changes to their game idea. Either they had been over and visited the game company or they would go there for further discussion.

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