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Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Squost is a well polished and decent looking tile sliding puzzler, where you have a picture that is jumbled up and have to slide the tiles back to make the proper picture.

Although it has been done to death and doesn’t offer anything new here, the game looks brilliant, with some wonderful and vibrant colours throughout. The game was developed by a team that called themselves the Bananas Without Brains, which we’re not sure if it was a fun dig/reference at the Boys Without Brains.

There is no sound at this stage, but the game engine seems to be there and complete – maybe just lacking some more levels. So what happened to it? Unfortunately we have no idea at this stage – it is likely that no-one picked up the game to publish, and so it was left on the scrap heap. Hopefully we’ll get hold of the developer at some point to confirm.

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