Star Scaper


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Star Scaper is a promising preview, where you control a ship which can move left and right in Uridium style, but from a side-on based view point.

It seems you have to collect a series of items and progress through the level to get to further levels at this stage, whilst not bouncing into the background and losing energy.

Tectron is a relatively unknown developer, so who was behind the name? Did the game get any further than this and was it intended for anyone in particular?

Well, coder Tobias Erbsland got in touch in 2015 and confirmed that this game was actually part of a bigger game that was never finished. The larger game had no name, so we’ll keep this title for now, but it would have combined a series of mini-games into a big game logic. Tobias at the time experimented with new loader concepts that were used in Digital Talk magazine for swapping out modules.

Tobias mentioned that the special feature of the game was the really fast scrolling, where it does not use traditional scrolling techniques (where the screen content is moved), but instead it is rendered each time (allowing scrolling speeds exceeding 8 pixels).

It is hoped that more of the game can be saved at somepoint, but this could well be it!

Watch this space!

Contributions: Tobias Erbsland

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Tobias Erbsland talks about his Star Scaper game…

“Tectron was a label I used to publish a few software titles for the C64.

Star Scaper was a small part of a bigger game which was never finished. Coding, Sound and Graphics was made by me.

The bigger game had no name yet, it should had combined a number of small “mini games” into a big game logic. I experimented at this time with new loader concepts I used for the “Digital Talk” magazine System to quickly swap (load) modules in the background, so I had the idea of a game which uses a similar logic.

The real special thing about the game is the really fast scrolling speed. It does not use a “traditional” scrolling where the screen content is moved, instead it is rendered each time, which allows scrolling speeds exceeding 8 pixels.”

Update history

22/01/15 – Tobias Erbsland gets in touch and sheds some light on this game.

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