Game No Name 3

Mike Dailly

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

An intriguing title by Mike Dailly, who is better known as the creator of Blood Money and Menace for Psygnosis… and then becomming one of the big names behind Lemmings.

This is a title which Mike recently released to the world via his web site, and contains all the source code. It is simply a freeze of ZEUS ASSEMBER, and you have to assemble it yourself to get it working. However, Jazzcat has arranged a compiled version for you to check out too.. But for those wishing to have a look at the source, check out the Readme file with the game from Mike himself.

It is an interesting looking title, from a very early working stage . Seems to be some kind of space Combat style game. Not playable as such, but the main character can be moved around.

There seems to be no concept or gameplan here, but just an initial coding idea which didn’t get very far until Mike found better projects to work on.

Recently we spoke to the game’s creator, Mike Dailly, who mentioned that there was a much more complete version that sadly seems to be lost. The idea was a simple 2 player blast, like Combat, where you fire a range of weapons at each other.
It was a game being worked on when Mike was only 17.

You can read more details about Mike’s work on the game in Creator Speaks.

This is sadly it, and is all that will ever be found. Hopefully Mike might have more to say about the game soon, so we’ll wait and see…

Case closed on this one…

Contributions: Mike Dailly, Jazzcat

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Mike Dailly speaks about work on the Game With No Name 3 demo…

“This is an early demo unfortunately. There was a much more complete one that now appears lost. The idea was a simple 2 player blast where you fired “odd” weapons at each other, seeking to kill the other player first.

Unlike normal shoot-em-ups, these bullets went all over the place in their own “paths”…. circular, straight, wavy and so on. In fact, the Blood Money missile code was based on this too. If you look at the Bombs in particular, you can see they follow a simple path system. That was right out of this game; all be it a later version.

I seem to remember doing this while Dave was doing Menace at the computer club, and it had a typical “demo-coder’s” front end with bouncing colour bars and music pinched from Ace 2.

Pickups would float on the play area occasionally and it was a rush to get them first to get the latest weapon (of which there were many).

Still it was a really simple title, and never amounted to much. But since I was only about 17 at the time, well… it was still something! :)”

Mike Dailly.

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