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Star Tech was producer of some obscure games in the 80’s, mostly imports of some popular Vic 20 titles from Bug Byte. However, they started branching out into the C64 market around 1983 time.

In an advert, the following games were stated for release on both the C64 and Vic 20:

Also, Star Tech which appears to be a Vic20 software company that’s started branching out into Commodore 64 programs. Probably going to be around the 1983 time.

Your ship is being approached by deadly meteors, your long range scan locates approaching meteor and indicates range. Your task is to spot the approaching meteors and destroy it with laser fire before impact. Beautiful graphics, damage indicator, full color hi-resolution graphics and sound.

Bunny (A frogger clone)
Using the joystick, move the bunny across four lanes of speeding traffic, dodging trucks and cars. Then hop across a swiftly flowing piranha infested river by jumping on floating logs and friendly turtles to safety. Full color hi-resolution action game with sound effects.

Ski-Run (Simple ski game)
Three different games in one, Downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom. Each game with nine skill levels. A race against the clock for the fastest time. In Downhill, dodge the many trees and snowdrifts keeping between the pathmarkers. Slalom adds a new dimension to the game with Slalom gates.

The traditional game we all know. You versus the computer Human wits against the power and logic of a computer. Three levels of play, beginner, novice, expert. Single keypress comands for your moves, full color graphics with sound effects. The computer plays a very strong game.

None of these seem to have surfaced, and only Bunny has an entry in GB64 (but is currently missing).

It would be great to preserve these games, but are they GTW’s or just titles which were very obscure to find? Well, Paul Fullwood has confirmed that all the games (including Vic 20 versions) were all released and sold in USA for around 2 years in total. So the games must be out there somewhere and are yet to be still discovered.

Can you help us find these games to preserve?

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Max Mirini, Paul E. Fullwood

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Update history

  • 02/01/14 – Added game credits thanks to Max Mirini.
  • 27/01/14 – Added extra photos from the author.
  • 23/02/14 -Author confirms that all games were sold in the US for 2 years.
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  1. Hi Frank,

    This would definitely be the man to contact regarding all of the above:

    “Links removed so Paul doesn’t get pestered” – Frank.

    Also looks from his bio he did another c64 game “Painter”

    All the best.

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