Free D.C!

1991 U.S. Gold

Platform: Commodore Amiga

A short entry for now on what was to be an Amiga conversion of a DOS title from back in 1991 from Cineplay Interactive.

Set on Earth, where robots are now in control and where all remaining humans are kept in a Zoo. The game was a mystery solving title, where you have to solve a series of killings that have been happening.  It’s an adventure game, where you must have conversations with other characters to obtain clues.

The game was advertised for both the PC and Amiga platforms, but was only to surface on PC in the end. The PC version didn’t score well at all, and could be why the Amiga version was put to rest – however, Amiga Power magazine did report that improvements were to be made for its own version.

So what happened in the end, and was anything ever started? It is hoped that the likes of Doug Sharp and Kellyn Beeck will able to shed some more light and if anything may still exist today.

If you know anything about this conversion – please get in touch!

With thanks to Karl Kuras for highlighting and for the scan.


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