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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Starship was a fair 3D Wireframe strategy/action game which was being released on the Atari ST first, and then ported to the C64 at a later date.

It seems that the Atari ST version never surfaced also, as nothing can currently be found on the web whilst doing research.

We assume that the game was a kind of Elite clone, which was quite popular at the time, but we are unsure how true to Elite the game really was. It could be that it was deemed too much of a clone by a particular company and the game was scrapped.

We honestly don’t know much more, and need more research and findings before we can push on with this game.

Something to ponder for the meantime anyway…

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  1. Ahh yes, Starship..

    Briefly mentioned by Palace Software’s Pete Stone during Zzap 64’s PCW Show 1987 coverage.

    A strategy/Action game featuring filled in wire frame 3D..

    Never even saw the ST press mention it myself, plus for it to really work on C64 it would of had to of been on disk, probably better on Cart or disk and on the C128 than C64.

    I’m of the mindset little if any work was done on the ST version and C64 version pure vapourware.

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