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Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

“Strobe” is a new addition to GTW, in which at the time, not a lot of information was known. The game was an up and coming Pong style game set in the future, and the preview in the wild was not playable, and demonstrates a nice title screen and a part of the game itself.

Credited to Double Density, it seems that this game was destined for release in the German market, but never quite made it. Ruben Spaans in 2012 came forward and shed some light on the game:

“I have a version slightly newer than the preview on GTW. It is playable, but extremely bugged. The game was never finished because I lacked motivation (I would rather make demos at that time) and because it was so hard to debug.

The differences between the old version are: new music, and it’s playable. The left and right balls can be controlled with joysticks, and they can interact with the slopes in the arena, as well as collide with the third ball. The gameplay is extremely bugged, though. The player-controlled balls can travel to the other player’s area by going through the goal area (it acts like a long tunnel).”

Ruben kindly as mentioned has passed on a previously unseen and more complete version of the game which is playable. This was as far as it got unfortunately, and its a shame – as the game looks nicely polished, if only of a simple theme.

But at the least the mystery behind this game has now been solved, and we can close the case on it. Check it out! Thanks to Slator for the tidied up version of the game!

Case closed!

Contributions: Jazzcat, Ruben Spaans, Slator

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22/04/15 – Fixed graphics credit.

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