Storm Warrior


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Yet another Firebird title which was never to see the light of day, and a rather promising Armalyte kind of game too!

Storm Warrior was like Armalyte but with a full colour scroll (something pioneered at Ocean, scolling the whole screen and the colour attributes). The game was done on the side for Firebird software due to the poor pay of Ocean, and the rather better pay of Firebird.

Paul Hughes had this to say about the game:

"I got a couple of levels down with attack patterns, zillions of sprites, and of course my then famous 100 score morphing high score table. Then EA came along and I jumped ship with both feet!"

And that was it!… with an incomplete game and no-one to finish it, Storm Warrior was put on the scrapheap forever! Firebird soon died out afterwards.

So what are the chances of finding the remains of this long lost game? – Well, Paul Hughes believes that he still has all of the game on his development disks in his attic, so someday we could well be seeing this interesting title.

One for the future?… We hope so!

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