Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A nice looking puzzle game, where you control a hi-res overlayed ball character which follows a path of tiles around a multiscrolling map, avoiding other hi-res overlayed enemies.

It’s a little frustrating back tracking paths when creatues start to come down the same route, but the preview is going along the right tracks by promoting a nicely polished game, which is quite fun to play.

Graphics are nice, which include the well animated and drawn sprites with their hi-res overlays to enhance detail.

So we’ve got the graphics, we’ve got the gameplay and the sound, so why no completed game at the end of it all?

This cannot be answered just yet, due to a lack of information, which hopefully can be brought in soon with a little bit more research. However, Ian Coog and Mariusz Mlynski have both helped to confirm some credits and we hope to learn more soon!

Nice game, but we don’t know anything about it!…

Contributions: iAN CooG/HVSC, Mariusz Mlynski

Supporting content

Available downloads

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