Brute Force


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Brute Force was a fairly unheard of arcade game by the creators of Ivan Ironman’s Offroad Racer, Leyland Corp. This was a double dragon style beat-em-up which featured your usual violence and weapons.

Not surprisingly, the game was planned for release on the C64, with Storm taking the conversion on. It is not known who exactly would have been doing the conversion, but it could have been Steve Snake and Rob Whitaker. The reports were originally made about the conversion in Zzap issue #76 on their news page. This was it however, and no more about the game was ever heard about.

Eventually, Storm did the conversion of Double Dragon 3…. so maybe the Brute Force game fell through, and they used code to create Double Dragon 3?…. It was possible, but unlikely.

Well, we can confirm that the game was never even started. The Double Dragon 3 link is not true, and Leyland’s title just was never to be. It may have been a plan once, but Rob confirms that it was just vapourware…

A shame, but it means we can close the door on this one…

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