System X

Robert Wilson

Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

system x2

Our next entry is a title that was being worked on by Robert Wilson back in 1989 and was recently discovered again on his old work disks.

The game itself is a sideways scrolling shooter with a guy on a jet pack, inspired by titles such as Zybex and Phobia. The game didn’t get very far overall, as Robert feels he was distracted by the Amiga at the time. A title screen was created, with a basic control demo with no enemies.

It is hoped that the game could be tidied up and added to the site in the future, though Robert is suggesting that he may even finish the game off, which would be even better. For now, check out the screenshots that Robert has created and we hope to bring you more news in the future.

Contributions: Robert Wilson

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