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Our next title is a little thin on the ground at this stage, but we believe there is a strong case that a Commodore 64 edition was on the cards.

Ixion was a SEGA arcade title that never saw release in the arcades along with its planned home conversions. The home conversions known at this stage are for the Atari 2600, Atari 800 and also Commodore Vic-20.

What is interesting is that the Atari 800 edition that has leaked includes credits to U.S. Gold, who released a number of SEGA titles on their label in the UK. Pretty much any SEGA title that saw release on the Vic-20 was also on the cards for the C64, so we’d be very surprised if there wasn’t one.

The question, who exactly could have been working on it? Perhaps someone who worked on one of the other SEGA titles of the time?

If you know anything more, please get in touch!

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