Target 2


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Another unfinished Lepsi game, and unfortunatly another tried and tested theme, based on Galaxians.

Controlling your space ship, you must blast attack waves of alien lifeform, all over the top of a set of nicely drawn bitmaps.

The attackwaves are very simple, and the playability does not last for too long. The game would need a lot more in it to be that playable.

Lepsi don’t seem to have ever completed this game, and for what reasons is unknown. Lepsi had a period around 1996-1997, where they could not stop producing for the C64, and then suddenly it stopped gamewise. Maybe they had enough of not making money out of it, but who knows.

We need to find the people behind the game to actually find out more, otherwise this one may never be laid to rest.

Not much new, but maybe a later version tells a different story…

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