Team Yankee


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

We’re not trying to pull your leg, but yes… a C64 conversion of the powerful Team Yankee game from the Amiga/ST was indeed being considered. I guess we could have laughed when we heard Battle Command was being converted, but look how well that turned out in the end?

But with the ability to control multiple vehicles in a 4 way split screen… Could the C64 really have handled this? … Maybe Empire were considering a cut back version or a top down version (Like Amaroute).

Either way, this would have been a very tough challenge to take on – so did this really ever get started?

We have no credits or leads to chase just yet, but just to warn that we may get laughed at with some of our enquiring emails that may follow for this game…

More soon we hope…

Contributions: Please get in touch!

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