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Telecommando we believe was to be a sort of icon driven graphic adventure game, but its hard to tell fully from the preview – as there doesn’t seem to be much that you can do apart from click some icons which don’t seem to do a great deal.

They do play music though!

There is no change in the map at present when you try and move, so we guess that this was abandoned very early on. Though who was behind this early abandoned game though?

Thanks to TRB, we learn that the game was actually released on the Amiga and PC, and oddly seems to be based on a sequel called “Telecommando II – The Return of the Telecommando“. Was this an official conversion, or just a fan based effort?

Being created in 1994, it is entirely possible that it could have been official – but we need a lot more info!

Contributions: Gaz Spence, TRB

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21/05/16 – Link made to Amiga/DOS game.

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  1. Judging by the picture “Telecommando” was planned to be a conversion of “Das Telekommando kehrt zurÁ¼ck”. The title translates into something like “The Telecommand returns”. That was an advertising adventure game ordered (and of course published for free) by Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom) for DOS and Amiga in 1993. This game counts as rather good btw.

    There already was the predecessor “Das Telekommando” published in 1992 (DOS and Amiga). That game was not perceived very well and looks different than the second part mentioned above or the picture shown here.

      • For me 1994 seems very unlikely for it to be an official conversion, as the C64 was commercially nearly dead then. Also considering that nothing is known (yet) about any efforts for converting the prequel–at least nothing like that was released–makes it even more unlikely in my eyes that a later game would have been converted officially.

  2. Hi Frank, it needs double checking with NecroPolo, but this game appears to be the one which he composed a number of tunes for as per his production notes under the entry for the SIDS on csdb. Interestingly, it is connected to another GTW call Geister, which NecroPolo also produced tunes for.

    • Cheers Gaz. It seems that the tunes were for a different game of the same name. The description doesn’t match, and the tunes don’t match anything that NecroPolo has done.

      I think what I will do for now is create two separate entries for Telecommando (ZoNE) and Geister quickly, but will later merge this entry if it can be confirmed they are the same.

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