Tennis Game

System 3

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Mentioned in Commodore User July 1989, System 3 announced plans of a new tennis game which at the time was untitled.

The game promised a “revolutionary approach” to the game, involving two player options, a 3-D rotating court overview and action replays.

Overall it was due for release in September 1989, but never surfaced.

The question we have, was this actually Sensible Software’s game? … meant originally for System 3, then given to Palace?…. Hopefully Jon Hare will know more..

More soon…

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  1. Blimey! i could do an interview on lost C64 System 3 games alone, so to recap, as far as lost C64 games go, questions regarding:

    Dominator V1, Myth II, LN4, Twister, Tennis Game, Mad/Crazy Marbles, Fuzzball, Laser Cycle, Haunted and Knuckles would be worth asking? then i’ll look at possible C64 cart games talked about.

    So far, i’ve just made contact with PR dept, but small acorns and all that……

    If you don’t approach, you don’t get to find anything out.

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