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Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Although we have been adding games to the archive for many years, we still continue to see various surprises and unknowns unearthed as time goes on. There i’m sure will be many more to come still.

In late August of 2021 – contributor Csaba Virag has helped to unearth what seems to be an early Tetris clone that is essentially complete, just lacking sound and a bit of polish. The game has come from a set of Hungarian disks and was due for release in 1988 via a company called Jules Software.

Now there are many Tetris clones within CSDB and Gamebase already, and from what we can see – this has not yet been preserved in any shape or form. If you know of a later version, please do let us know and we’ll correct the entry accordingly.

As Tetris clones go – this is relatively playable – though has an annoying instant drop mechanism which makes it a lot harder to place and work quickly. These might be minor flaws that would eventually be fixed.

We know little else about the game at this stage and what the intentions were, and why ultimately it was seemingly never completed and released. However, thankfully you can check it out for yourselves thanks to the preservation efforts of Csaba.

Contributions: Csaba Virag

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