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A short entry for something flagged up to us by Marco van Vlaanderen, who found this very obscure and rare RadarSoft title on an old tape.

This was developed by Cees Kramer back in 1984, one of the founders of RadarSoft, and was based on Conway’s Game of Life.

What wasn’t known was if this ever got officially released by RadarSoft, or if it snuck out and perhaps was felt not to be something that would sell. Well, Marco dug out a photo of the cassette that the game was found on, which confirms it was an early official release and part of a compilation. So not an unreleased game, just not preserved until now :)

Check out another piece of C64 history preserved. Case closed!

Contributions: Marco van Vlaanderen

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03/09/21 – Added photo of original cassette. Proving it was released, so case closed.

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