THC Brothers


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

What a nice little game…. well, preview anyway.

This is a Bubble Bobble style clone, even mixed with a little bit of Parasol Stars… which we never got to see. Nice cartoony graphics, and cute little objects. Looks like a nice game, but unfortunatly the demo is slightly unplayable.

There is no music in this preview, but everything else is fine… bouncy etc, but its a shame it isn’t quite playable. I think that if you press “B”, it will show you all the levels one by one, up until level 10, where you will see the Snowman boss.

It has been confirmed by the author that the game was never completed. And talking of the author, Nicolas Stark had a few words to say about the game:

“It was meant to be an fast paced arcade game, where two players simultaneously clear the screen from enemies (and can harm each other). The player can drop a bomb by pushing a button, and make it explode by a further push. I planned to extend this concept, have bombs already on the map for chain reactions etc.

Btw, you where absolutely right, the game was indeed inspired by Parasol Stars and Snowbrows, both of which I enjoyed very much. The code and graphics by me, except for the Endboss in the THC Bros level and some of the enemy sprites, which where created by Mayhemarts

A remake of this is actually in progress for the RGCD 16K Compo =)”

Well, that is fantastic news!… so this superbly promising preview is likely to be released very soon in 2012. We look forward to hopefully closing this entry for good and with a good ending!

A great little platformer… what Snow Bros could have been!…

Contributions: Nicolas Stark, James Monkman

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  1. The sprites are really nice. It’s very hard to do ‘console quality’ characters with a standard multi color sprite – usually a hi-res overlay is needed. The big heads really help, Whatever happened to the remake? This seems to have so much potential.

    • We’re not sure – hopefully it just didn’t make the deadline and they’ll save it for a future competition. Lovely promising game overall!

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