Beatle Quest – Parts Two and Three

Number 9 Software

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Also known as: A day in the life (part 2) and Across the Universe

Beatle Quest is one of those titles which attracts a lot of attention due to its Beatles links, but also the price that the game regularly seems to attract on Ebay.

Thanks to Asphodel, we learn from the adverts for the original game that there were actually meant to be two more parts, named after songs by the Beatles:

A day in the life (part 2)


Across the Universe

Sadly neither part seems to have ever seen the light of day. We guess that sales of the first part were so poor, that Number 9 software (nothing to do with Level 9 before you ask, and a Beatles reference) closed its doors before either of them could be sold.

We got hold of Garry, who tells us that in the beginning – it was always his intention to produce a trilogy. As a result, he started Beatle Quest in/around 1983/84 – when at the time he had the one son (born in 1982). The game was finished and released in 1985, but the other titles got caught up in real life when Garry’s next son Alex was born and his full time teaching job took over. It wasn’t really to do with any lack of sales.

‘A Day in the Life, Part 2′, was actually started – where there are print outs of locations and objects in existance – but this was as far as it got! The game was set after Beatle Quest and the object would have been to collect items of Beatles’ memorabilia from the same/but changed by time, locations. As Garry describes – “A bit Dystopian like!”

At the time, Garry was starting to get clever with The Quill and had lots of versions of the same object, depending on what had happened, different descriptions, plus loads of Beatles related quotes and ‘stuff’. Garry believes it may have been harder for non-Beatlepeople.

Garry described ‘Across the Universe’ as being set in the ‘far-flung-future’, following similar lines of Beatles related places (I’ll remember), in my life, where we’d all ‘work it out’. As a result of the second part not being finished, nothing of this 3rd part was ever started and was just a series of ideas.

Garry hopes to some day find some of the bits and pieces relating to the second part though and get them scanned in for us to include on the website. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that parts of this long lost trilogy can be saved. For now, Garry has very kindly sent us a copy of the proposed cover for Part 2, which looks superb!

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