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A new entry for a title which is a more recent C64 production, not one which was produced back in the day.

Captain Future was to be a game based on a science fictional character who is a space travelling scientist – based on a publication from the 1940’s, with a TV animation series released in 1978. A strange title to be picked to have a conversion of sorts you may ask, but this was a University project to produce a full C64 game across a small team of developers.

At the moment it is still early days about the beginnings of this project, but we believe that the game was started around 2008 time. Most of the game it seems was actually produced, with a whole series of complete cut scenes, end sequence and small game parts.

At this stage, the game isn’t too playable – but was a promising start. It would have been interesting to see how the game would have turned out if properly completed. This however may have been its completed status as the University project finished – though a 4th level seems to be missing, it may have been that they ran out of time.

The game elements are just a simple sideway scrolling affair with a large ship and not a huge amount to do – but this looks like it was a fun project to work on, and it would be interesting to hear more from the developers some time about their work.

Here you can download the recent Laxity release of the game, along with the sources from the project page (which you can also visit here: (in German))

We hope to learn more about the production itself soon, as well as find out just why the game was decided to be abandoned. Watch this space!

Contributions: Dirk S

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