Thunder Hawk

Atlantis Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

Thunder Hawk is a vertically scrolling shooter built by Steve Dunn, who did a number of games on the C64, including Call Me Psycho.

The game has been around the web for a while now, listed as being an Atlantis release – however it is believed that the game never actually got released by them or anyone for that matter.  If we are wrong, please let us know and send us a scan! :)

It is not fully known why the game was not released, as Steve was paid for his work – though thought it strange that he never received a copy afterwards.  The game features some fair graphics, though as a game it will not hold your attention for long.   What is interesting is the use of passwords throughout each of the 20 levels.

Music is an early tune set by Mark Tait before he went to work for Tiertex we believe.

Anyway, until we learn more about this game development, here it is to download and check out.

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