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Capitaly was a version of Monopoly for the C64 which was written by Andras Baneth.

Andras had also worked on an unofficial Viking Child conversion for the C64, but mentioned this Monopoly game which he had also worked on.

It is believed that the game was complete, and was another production done unofficially and not for any company in particular.

The game was mentioned in ‘Commodore Ujsag” (see scans), a hungarian monthly for C64 enthusiasts in issue 10/1991. Andras had won a national programming competition with the program (as well as a Morse alphabet program). This gives us the date at least. We hope to get a scan of the article very soon!

We will continue to update this entry as we recieve more information. For now, the search begins. Get checking your disks!

Contributions: Andras Baneth, Fabrizio Bartoloni

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Andras Baneth talks about work on Capitaly:

“I had written a program for C64 back then called ‘Capitaly’ which was the C64 version of the famous Monopoly game. I did a search and found various versions of the game written by others (under the name ‘Monopoly’), but not mine called ‘Capitaly’. Any idea where I could possibly find it? I had long lost any electronic copy or floppy disks.”

Then later added:

“I just checked an old newspaper called “Commodore ujsag” (Hungarian monthly that was for C64 enthousiasts, ujsag means journal) a copy of which I kept because I won a national programming competition back then with the below mentioned Capitaly program (and another one with it called “Morse” which taught you the Morse alphabet). The issue where I appeared was the 10/1991 so it gives a good idea about the time. I found the cover page online but the contents are not there, but since I have a print copy I have it myself:

All of this was done by myself working alone as an indy amateur enthousiast, though I must admin some parts of my graphics were not entirely my creation :-)

That’s all the info I have, not sure it can still be traced…”

Update history

26/12/19 – Added scan of magazine article thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni

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