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One of Carl Muller’s many unreleased C64 games before he did the likes of Speedball 2.

Toccata is a simple shoot-em-up, which consists of a ship which shoots at stars before they get too big. Kind of like Mega Apocalypse meets Stars and Rings.

The game features a weird raster background, and the sprites are simple hi-res (Though the stars well animate).

Everything about the game feels old, and its a little bit slow to play, but its worth a quick blast, and the action does speed up a little later in the game.

The game was supposidly fully completed, but never offered to anyone. The game doesn’t quite contain enough for a publisher to take interest, but maybe the game was intended as a preview to be finished off?

This is one that hopefully Carl can clear up in the future…

More information needed on this one…

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