Gold Runner


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

A popular game on the Amiga in its early days, the C64 saw a conversion preview released of the game. I don’t know much about the game itself, apart from its recievement on the Amiga, and it mean’t to be rather good.

This is only a preview, with music taken from a Rob Hubbard track (Human Race), and has some graphics done by Steven Day (Ste’86 to old Compunet nuts).

Steve actually spoke to GTW and gives the reason for this preview, and explains more to sum up everything…. “Sorry to dissappoint you, but this ‘preview’ was actually only a spoof demo for Compunet done by the Meanteam. I know because if u read the credits on the title screen (if they are still there) it says coding by JCB & Claka, title screen by BJ and in game graphics by STE’86 (guess who i am???)”

Therefore, this is all that exists of a conversion of the classic Goldrunner, even though its not technically an official version. Would have been great if the people behind Goldrunner actually saw this, and commissioned Meanteam to do the game.

Case closed on this one…

Contributions: Steven Day, Jason Kelk

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29/09/14 – Fixed credits thanks to Jason Kelk

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