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Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Our next entry into the GTW archives comes thanks to Francesco Milioni, which was due for release on a tape compilation to be released in Italy, but was too late due to the declining C64 market.

Traffico is a revisited version of an original basic frogger-like game that was published in Italy by Gruppo Editoriale Jackson. Francesco took the game, added music, a nice intro, modified sprites and graphics. He also compiled the game with AustroComp, so that it became a lot faster and smoother to play. The original in BASIC was far too slow.

We’ve added the original game (on TAP image) as a comparison.

It’s a game that may not hold your attention for too long, but it is yet another title now preserved.

Contributions: Francesco Milioni, Fabrizio (?)

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Update history

27/12/17 – Added original game that inspired release thanks to Fabrizio (?)

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