Trigger Happy


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

A recently surfaced game thanks to Jazzcat, this time another space SEU which was in development roughly 15 years ago.

Taking the Delta style theme, Trigger Happy features some promising graphics and attack waves.. but really its too early to judge how well this game would have been had it been finished. It might have been asking too much for it to top Delta.

Early signs are promising, but sadly for reasons currently unknown… the game was never completed and thus never saw the light of day.

The game was originally passed onto a scener many years ago, and was requested not to be spread. After 15 years, it seems that it might not matter anymore.. so people can enjoy at least what was ever made.

Although not a great deal to look at, its a "What if" title, as with many others we currently have. A lot more reseach needed for this title… can anyone help us with this one?

Nice attackwaves and overall fairly promising…

Supporting content

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