Turbo Cup Challenge


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A car racing game which was released on the Amiga, Amstrad and Spectrum. A C64 version was mentioned as coming soon in The Games Machine around 1989 time.

The Spectrum version seemed to have got a release only on budget and the original version by Loriciels is still at large… http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0005458

Loriciels went on to survive until around 1993, so its possible they deemed the C64 and Spectrum platforms to be weak in comparison to the Amstrad in the homeland of France.  The Amstrad was the only major 8-bit machine to natively support the French SECAM TV standard – other systems needed specialised monitors to display in colour (hence it’s status as the biggest machine there) – thanks to Martin Smith for that contribution!

With a complete Spectrum release, Loriciels may have just sold it off cheap to a budget label to recoup some money. If this was the case, it is likely the C64 version didn’t get far as otherwise Players would have released on the C64 too.  In one magazine, it was suggested in the Amiga review that the Spectrum version was due in January 1989 and the C64 version in February 1989 … suggesting it was behind.

However, Martin/Stadium has found that the C64 edition was listed in the loading instructions for the Spectrum/Amstrad edition.  PDF is attached.

We know little more at the moment, so its early days. Do you know anything?

Contributions: Martin Smith, Martin/Stadium64

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