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Tujad was a arcade maze based game which was released on the Spectrum and Amstrad (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0005448). It got above average reviews, but overall wasn’t that bad a game.

An early advert for the game mentioned the C64 was having a conversion, but it seems they must have had problems converting and the game was cancelled as a result. Need confirmation on this, but it certainly seems the case. A news item also briefly mentioned the game in Commodore User magazine – see scans.

We got in touch with Geoff Phillips after noticing he did the C64 conversion of Mighty Bombjack – we found that he was involved with Orpheus, and suggested that Richard Wilkins may have had involvement on the C64 version. We’ll try and get hold of Richard to find out more and what happened to the game.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Geoff Phillips, Fabrizio Bartoloni

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Geoff Phillips (who worked at Orpheus) speaks about Tujad:

“Tujad was done by Richard Wilkins. I don’t think he did anything other than the Spectrium version. I do remember it – but I don’t recall it being converted to anything. I spoke to him on the phone this year: he sounded exactly like he always did. We exchange Christmas Cards: I also occasionally bump into Paul Kaufman who ran Orpheus in its first incarnation.”

Update history

21/08/20 – Added a scan from Commodore User.

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