Twice Shy


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Ram Jam Corporation, famous for their adventure games and Dandy, teamed up with Mosaic to create their next game Twice Shy, an adventure game based on the Dick Francis novel about a computer program which predicts race results.

The Commodore version was announced in CVG January 1987, but it never surfaced anywhere – although the Spectrum version did…

Unfortunately, according to Richard Hewison who spoke with the developers, the C64 version didn’t happen. It came at a time of relative turmoil for the developer, and so the C64 version was never started and RamJam ceased trading as a company about 6 months after the Spectrum version was published.

However, contributor Sean O’Neill has found that the C64 version was fully reviewed in Commodore User magazine in December 1986! Did they infact review the Spectrum version, or was there actually a complete conversion made?

More information needed, but it seems that there could well be a full game out there to find after all!

Contributions: Richard Hewison, Sean O'Neill

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