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Ok, firstly we haven’t gone mad (not completely anyway), but after the recent recovery of a Scooby Doo game in 2014, the same author Peter Ward informed us all that he also worked on a official conversion of the Atari ST classic Typhoon Thompson.

Now, as you’re probably aware – we already have an entry for a conversion being done officially for Domark by Chris and Tony West.  Domark were the UK importers for a number of Broderbund titles, including Typhoon Thompson.

Interestingly, Domark were only ever aware of the Atari ST version – and went ahead to try and get C64 and Amiga conversions completed.  For reasons still unknown, the C64 version never made it.   Domark never knew that actually Broderbund had a C64 version in production, and seemingly complete – done by Peter Ward.

We’re not sure why Broderbund never actually released the game, but it was likely due to the dying C64 market in the US and hence they may have canned it.  Had Domark been aware of it, they may well have released it as is for the UK market, but it was never to be and now we are left with two complete conversions!

Even more stunning is the fact that a C64 conversion by Broderbund was under our noses all along.  On the back of the ST packaging for the US edition, there is a clear C64 screenshot – which depicts a very accurate conversion.

Peter is hoping to get the game preserved soon and very soon we hope to finally see Typhoon Thompson on the C64, especially as Chris and Tony are not responding to emails about their Domark effort.

Certainly watch this space!

Contributions: Peter Ward, MobyGames (scan), Michael Cho

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  1. I worked on this game with Peter Ward in the 80’s when I was a teen in highschool. I did a fair chunk of the sprite animation with my friend Nick, and it was the 2nd game I worked on with Peter, after “Mainframe” published by Microillusions. I was sad that it was never released, and never did see a fully complete version. I had no idea that Domark was also working on a port simultaneously.

    • Thanks Michael, i’ll get you added to the credits. I’m hoping that some day Peter will dig out the game like he did with his Scooby Doo game.

      • Thanks very much. For what it’s worth, I’m not really seeking acknowledgement here – I ran into this page while looking up some old games from Peter. Peter did all the real work, and my friend Nick Veliotis did the toughest part of the sprite animation – the turnarounds on Thompson’s hovercraft vehicle from various angles. He deserves much of the credit, as I took on only the easy stuff – the main character animations. We were both kids, and Peter paid us the handsome fee of $800 for the job – an unheard of amount for high school kids at the time. Nick and I promptly blew it all on a trip to NYC. I still like to think of my work with Peter as my “first paid art gig”.

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