Uj Vadnyugat 3

Selindek Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Selindek Software Studio (SSS) was a Hungarian Software house which did a few adventure games. Uj Vadnyugat was to be a trio of adventure games – two of which did make it to release back in 1989, but sadly the 3rd game never quite made it.

According to István the screenplay was roughly ready but none of the programming was actually never started. István did all of the scriptwriting for the games. The third episode was to be The Idõrégész story. The main character of UV had no money and he would work as an agent of the Time Archeologist Company. His first job was to get back to the 20th Century to Budapest, and get a picture from the best programmer of the world.

Overall there is no game to salvage, but maybe a full set of screenplay documents could be salvaged to show the world. Might be slightly hard for non-Hungarian readers to make sense of, but for preservation purposes it would be essential.

More soon on this one we hope…

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