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From what looks like a compilation, Ultra Games was some kind of gaming olympics title. An Epyx-style olympics game, with each event being a particular genre of computer game.

Mentioned within the news pages of Zzap 64, the following 9 games were all mentioned but with no description: Target Shoot Out, Urban Helichase, Cyberball 2000, Pinball Wizard, Dawn Raid, Mind Twister, Tripple Draw Poker, Into the Abyss and Space Pool

Oddly the game had appeared from nowhere, where Zzap displayed the company/box art logo which you can see in the scans section. Zzap promised that they would be reviewing the pack in the next issue, but sadly this never happened at all and this obscure package of games only got the one mention from them.

Microclassic?… never heard of them!  After some further research, an anonymous contributor found some actual screenshots of the game in Computer Gamer magazine, and also the title on sale within Software Choice Guide 1986.

The screenshots seem to depict the Target Shoot Out game, possibly Cyberball 2000, Tripple Draw Poker and Dawn Raid.  The games have a similar visual feel to them, which suggests it was a compilation of mini games put into a Olympic style competititon.

Intriguingly, in Bang Weekly magazine, there is a news snippet where it is mentioned that the release date has been put back to December the 1st. It seems that Microclassic may have collapsed before the game was released.

Do you know anything more about the title, and can anything be found?

Contributions: Anonymous Contributor, Stephen Stuttard, Archive.org

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  1. I recognise that it would make a pretty dull entry but, if anyone is making a list, I can’t find any evidence of The Snow Queen making it out for Amstrad (as listed in the Software Choice Guide) either – CPC Power doesn’t have and entry and only C64 and Speccy are listed on MobyGames too
    Could have just been a misprint on Software Guide’s part, I guess, though!

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