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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

An interesting title this one….

From what looks like a compilation, could possibly have been some kind of gaming olympics…. An Epyx olympics game with each event being a particular genre of computer game.

Mentioned in the news pages of Zzap 64, the following 9 games
were all mentioned but with no description: Target Shoot Out, Urban Helichase, Cyberball 2000, Pinball Wizard, Dawn Raid, Mind Twister, Tripple Draw Poker, Into the Abyss and Space Pool

This package appeared from nowhere and was mentioned by Zzap, where they displayed the company/box art logo which you can see in the scans section. Zzap promised that they would be reviewing the pack in the next issue, but sadly this never happened at all and this obscure package of games only got the one mention.

With Zzap saying that they would review the pack next month, it
gives a possibility that most of the compilation was ready. None
of the titles are in Gamebase, so they are not rereleases. Did the company run into trouble before it could get the pack out?….

Microclassic?… never heard of them! :)

Could have been a Cascade 50 effort here, but we need to find out more… and i’m certainly intrigued….. Just who were
Microclassic, and where were they based??

Cascade 50 all over again?… who knows?…

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