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Following on from UFO 2, comes UFO 3!… a quick sequel which was developed for Commodore Disk User, but sadly just before CDU could publish, the publication folded… and so the game was never to be and remained on Ste’s disks until now…

The game follows on from the prequel, where you must get your ship across each part of a dreadnought. There are this time a lot of enhancements to the original, such as graphics, sound and variety. There is not loads to look at here, but it is a good progression from UFO 2, and again shows Ste’s gradual progression in his programming ability before he got to the likes of Limbo 1 and 2.

More information is needed on why this game was not published and why it has sat on a disk for so long. Although it is not the best game in the world, it is nice to be able to preserve it along with its prequel and ensure the hard work is seen by others.

Check it out, and also the other game in the series….

Another game case opened, and another closed…

Contributions: Ste Pattullo

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