Marcus Wagner

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Underland was to be a RPG trading game by the looks of it, being developed by Marcus Wagner back in 2007.

On the website (which is still currently active here) details the game as having the following special features:

  • 5 dungeons with 9 levels each
  • approx. 100 objects
  • 36 monsters
  • 3 different classes
  • 22 animated spells

Unfortunately the game seems to have been abandoned, but Laxity released a preview of the game showing how it was shaping up. We’ve added a number of screenshots here as well, showing some of the character concepts that would have featured.

We currently don’t know why the game was cancelled or how much further it got, but hope to find out more soon. For now, check out what looked to be a promising title.

Contributions: Jazzcat

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