Unknown shooter

Cory Kin

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

We found this game on one of Cory Kin’s disks by itself as a single executable. No clue to what it was or any name. Tucked away in the code was 1988 AKO, which confirmed that it was the work of Cory.

This is a very early sideways scrolling shooter with some very neat sprites and attack waves. There was no backdrops in the first preview we found, and the score panel was just test graphics – but it looked very slick at this early stage and is a shame never to have been completed properly.

In 2014, we converted another batch of disks from Cory and found a later preview which had some background graphics and more sophisticated attack waves. The title on the disk was “Almost a game”, so there was still no title thought of at this stage. We’ve added the files for you to check out.

Also found on one of the disks was a set of graphics intended for the game, showing some large enemies that never got integrated.

Enjoy and we hope to find out more from Cory soon about the game!

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Update history

08/12/14 – Found a second and more advanced preview of the game.

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