Unknown tennis game

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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Not really known for sports games, unless you count Slicks, Ashley Routledge (and possibly Dave Saunders) was working on a Tennis game around the early 90’s.

A set of graphics showing a tennis court were discovered on Ash’s disks in 2015, but at the moment we are not sure if they were developed for someone else to implement a game or if this was to be a title constructed by Ash and Dave as a Digital Design release. We hope to confirm that soon.

For now, we believe that this could have actually been the basis of Pete Sampras Tennis on the C64. Maybe even a late 1993 title. Ash actually developed the Game Gear edition for Codemasters, so it is possible!

Overall, there isn’t much to see, but it opens up the possibility of yet another title to find. Was it maybe for Codemasters perhaps? Time will tell!

For now, take a look at some of the graphics that we have managed to preserve.

Contributions: Ashley Routledge

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