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Nope, this is not anything to do with the Gremlin Graphics game by the Core Design team (even though you’ll see, the blue logo looks startlingly like the Gremlin game’s logo) – but this is in fact a completely different game that was in development it seems in the late 80’s by Ash and Dave.

The game we believe was to be a multi-directional scrolling car game, possibly even re-using the engine from Hot Rod. For reasons currently unknown until Ash and Dave shed some light, the game was canned fairly early on. We are not sure who the game was intended for, if anyone at all.

When preserving Ashley Routledge’s work disks, we found a small demo showing a car sprite as a test (not playable), and also an editor which shows what seems to be a full map. There are also a few logos which were made for the game. Sadly there was nothing playable, so there could be no chance of ever seeing anything that could be played.

It looks pretty good overall, and considering how Hot Rod turned out, we’ve no doubt this could have been great. Just what happened to it though?

Contributions: Ashley Routledge

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