Unnamed Game

Paul Hughes

Status: No Download, Findability: 5/5

An interesting title mentioned to us by Paul Hughes as a title which was shown to Gary Liddon at Thalamus, before Paul actually got signed up by Ocean Software.

This was to be a full screen scrolling Spindizzy clone with tricks used to mask sprites behind isometric blocks.

The idea was being pitched, and progress was being made when Dave Ward signed Paul up to produce for them, and Paul went on to create the famous Freeloader Ocean Loader, and Jon Dunn’s music player.

Sadly this interesting title got canned as a result, and now lays dormant on an old 1541 disk gathering disk somewhere… Just where, it’s not quite known yet.

It is possible that one day we may see a glimpse of this game, especially since Paul has been busy porting a lot of his sources and releasing them.. it is very possible that if this game were found, it too would see its way into the GTW archives.

Its early days yet, and hopefully soon Paul will add a Creator Speaks page to talk a bit more about this title, and give a better picture of what was to be.

Would it have set you in a spin?… We shall see…

Contributions: Paul Hughes

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