Unnamed SEUCK Game

Parallel Logic

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Parallel Logic were to be one of the saviours of the C64 in the UK market, as many companies began to leave the C64 behind in favour of the consoles.

Amoung their selection of releases was to be a very promising SEUCK effort by a colleague called Colin McMaster. Game name is unknown, but here is what Phillip Boyce recalled:

“Colin’s SEUCK game was a completely separate entity to The Venus Trail, but I have to say it did look absolutely stunning! He’d perfected the drawing of lighting effects on pipes and other shapes which produced a really lovely solid, and also 3D-like, effect to his graphics. He’d also perfected the actual gameplay and it flowed really well. It truly was a great feat when given the limitations of SEUCK. He’s now living in Texas and I’m in touch with him frequently (he also comments on my blog a lot) and I’ll see if he can remember much from those days and see if he can pass the info on. ”

That is all we currently know at present. Sadly Phil decided to leave the C64 when support was poor for Parallel Logic and Colin later moved to Texas. It is hoped that although Phil got rid of all his disks that Colin may have kept his.

Watch this space!

Contributions: Phillip Boyce

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