Uridium clone

Cory Kin

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

A working title of course, labelled on the disk as “When Uridium”, and called “When Uridium was famous” – this is a short game demo show casing a Uridium type game with very smooth and fast scrolling.

This was the work of Cory Kin yet again, and was most likely started and touted to game companies to try and get work.

We haven’t found any evidence to suggest that this clone got any further than the tech demo – which is a shame, as this feels like it could have been more than a match for the original game.

Hopefully at some point soon, Cory will shed some light on the game and if there is any more story behind the title. Watch this space!

Contributions: Cory Kin

Supporting content

Available downloads

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