Vertical shooter

Cory Kin

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Yet another title from the brilliant Cory Kin, and this time a very impressive vertically scrolling shoot-em-up, with some lovely graphics and attack waves.

It’s still early days and a relatively short map, but there is enough here to show case Cory’s talents, which no doubt he was trying to do with this game. This demo was found on a disk with a number of other executables which we believe Cory sent out to companies to try and get employment.

We don’t believe that this game got any further than this unfortunately, which is a massive shame – as the title does clearly have a lot of promise. Sadly it isn’t a title which can be picked up by anyone, as we didn’t find any source code for the game.

A cool glimpse at a rather neat title – hopefully we’ll hear more from Cory about the game very soon.

Contributions: Cory Kin

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