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Vitrus sounds like a puzzler, but its nothing of the sort – and is actually a sort of Fly Harder/Thrust clone, where you must guide your ship through some tight caverns.

It’s pretty unforgiving at this early stage, but it looks very nice and slick and has plenty of promise.

We’re unsure what ever happened to this game, as nothing more was ever heard after the preview surfaced.

Was it ever produced any further, or was this it? Who was also behind the game??

Well, thanks to Gaz Spence, we find that the game was just a quick hack of a title released 5 years earlier called Mission 2 –

Question is now whether this game was intentionally being enhanced as a new title, or if this was a quick rehash to get some cheap cracking points?

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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15/03/15 – Gaz Spence confirms that game is a hack of Mission 2

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    • Thanks Gaz! I’ll keep the entry online, just in case the hack was meant to be something more. Just likely a quick hack to get some cheap points though :)

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