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Warlord was to be a re-release of an old Interceptor graphic text adventure from 1985 on the new Players label. ACE magazine listed it in their budget section and stated a C64 version was being released.

However, it was believed that Interceptor never released a C64 version in the first place – did ACE magazine get it wrong? Well, contributor Sean O’Neill found evidence of the C64 game being released on a compilation in 1986. We have added the scans from the site in question (http://www.mocagh.org/loadpage.php?getgame=heroeskarnwarlord), which details the name of the coder and artist.

It means the game should be out there, and may have indeed been released individually.

Can you help us preserve the game?

Contributions: Sean O'Neill, http://www.mocagh.org/loadpage.php?getgame=heroeskarnwarlord

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21/12/17 – Credits and scans added.

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  1. I remember a c64 game called Warlords. A friend in my army unit had it when I was stationed in Germany (1987-1990). It was a bit like the board game Risk. I believe there could be 4 players. We all liked the game and played it often. I have looked for it many times since, to no avail. My latest search brought me here.

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