Yacht Race

Hill MacGibbon

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Advertised in Home Computer Weekly issue 85, Yacht Race was a simulation based game released by Hill MacGibbon on the ZX Spectrum, but also advertised for the Commodore 64.

As you can expect by reading this review, the C64 version never surfaced in the end, and so another entry in GTW for Hill MacGibbon for another game.

The game was a pretty good educational game on the spectrum, teaching you how to sail and using all the common sailing terms. The game came with a large map also. Reviews for the Spectrum were generally quite good.

So its a shame this one seems to have disappeared like so many of the Hill MacGibbon games. Only a few ever quite made it, but why?… Was there a huge problem with picking up the C64 platform?

Still early days, but maybe you can help us with this one?

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