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Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

As we draw to the end of the games, i’m left with yet another puzzler.

The aim is to turn all the white squares (ON) to yellow squares (OFF). If you click on a selected square (regardless of if it is ON or OFF), all the 4 adjacent squares on each side of it swap states (ON turn to OFF and vice versa). The square you clicked on remains as it was before the click. Once all squares on the screen are turned off within the set number of moves (given at the bottom), you progress to the next level. If you don’t turn ’em all off before using up all your moves, it’s game over!

Gaz Spence confirms in 2015 that the game was fully released by Chimera designs in 1993 …

Case closed!

Contributions: Cal Skuthorpe for instructions, Gaz Spence

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02/01/15 – Gaz Spence confirms completed!

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