Putty Squad (Amiga) released!

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A huge surprise for Amiga fans today, as System 3 have released the Amiga version of Putty Squad after being missing for almost 20 years and to mark the release of the Playstation release.


The game has been preserved thanks to the efforts of Galahad/Fairlight who helped master the game for release with John Twiddy and Phil Thornton.

I have to say, many of us were skeptical to whether the game would ever be released – but credit to System 3 for a very kind gift to the Amiga community just before the end of the year.  Could Fuzzball (C64) be next? 😉

For more details and download:


One Response to Putty Squad (Amiga) released!

  1. Fookin el! I wasn’t going to be playing any games on Christmas Day, but I think I’ll be changing that and playing this game… If I can get it downloaded!

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